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Mini Bluetooth Speaker – AVWOO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass and Built-in Mic, Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Home Outdoor Travel, 10m Wireless Range up to 8 Hours Playtime: Electronics

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Product Description

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  1. Perfect Gift and Decoration

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gift<img alt=”gift” src=”,0,970,600_PT0_SX970__.jpg”/>A PERFECT GIFT AND DECORATION

  2. A perfect gift for your families, your friends, and yourself in New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and etc.
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Creative Gift

With cute looks and nice package, this nut speaker is a perfect present for your loved ones on Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday, and Valentine’s Day.

Small but Powerful

Despite the small size, the sound is clear and strong, nice mix of bass (not big booming bass) and treble, the high and middle tone are excellent.

Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

Clear and comfortable sound, with cute mini speakers, you can freely listen to music or audio books at any time.
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Unique Design

Lovely Wood grain Nut Shape, smooth surface, elegant looks and natural beauty make this cute nut speaker an ideal choice for decoration.

Easy to Pair

Just one button for controlling. Volume, track selection, and playback are all controlled by your device.

Long Playing Time

We customized a super powered 400mAh built-in battery for this portable Bluetooth speaker. It allows the tiny Bluetooth speaker to play 8hr / 200 songs continuously.

d<img alt=”d” src=”,0,970,600_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg”/>WIDE COMPATIBILITY

  1. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, laptop, Android, MP3, MacBook, and other devices with Bluetooth capabilities.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Mini Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Haffy

    What a delightfully lovely surprise this little acorn is! It pairs flawlessly with my phone, holds a charge for a long time, and has a nice, loud volume for such a tiny thing. The sound quality is tinny of course but for what it is, this little gadget can’t be beat. I use it mostly for listening to podcasts while driving, and it does the job perfectly. I haven’t used it for phone calls, and for listening to music, well, if I’m in the mood for an old-timey transistor radio feel it’s perfect for that too! Otherwise, it’s not my go-to gadget for music, but I don’t even care, I keep this in my bag always because it’s portable and gets the job done. And c’mon people, it’s made to LOOK LIKE AN ACORN CARVED OUT OF WOOD! I mean, so cute. So so very cute. (Spoiler alert: not real wood!)

  2. Fredrick Williams Jr.

    First Impressions: When you open the box, you’ll notice how heavy the speaker is. The construction is precise and not cheap. It comes with a small saucer shaped case which is bigger than the speaker itself. The speaker is cylindrical. The case has small holes in the top so you can use it as a travel case. After charging the speaker, I pressed the only button I could see and it powered up. When it starts up it plays a pleasant cord. Immediately it showed in my connection list on my iphone. Connecting was quick and painless.Sound Quality: 5 STARS. This thing is small, heavy and inexpensive. The weight must be the magnet they are using. The sound quality compare very well to speakers costing 5 times as much. Why, because it’s not producing muddy base. The base is still there, but it’s not trying to produce the lows by creating a muddy base sound. Most of the portable speakers I’ve seen in the $50 range create a muddy base. This speaker’s base radiator complements the mid’s and high’s very well. Overall you get a clearer crisp sound that doesn’t go so low, but produces a smooth clear range.Who’s it for? People who travel and want great sounding music in their hotel room. It’s the perfect size to take on a trip and have music in your room.

  3. casual reader

    I’m impressed with the little nut. It’s not going to fill a concert hall, but it perfect for what we wanted – a cute, unobtrusive speaker we could use for music on our outdoor patio while we relax in the evening. We’ve attached a carabiner so we can clip it to a line that holds our bistro lights.Connection to my phone was quick and clean, and the range was pretty good. I left it downstairs last night still connected to the phone and it stayed connected from the upstairs bedroom. more than 20 feet, through walls.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This tiny speaker works way better than I thought it would. I bought it for $10 on a sale to hang in my bathroom while I shower (note it is not waterproof I hang it from the door.) The sound is very loud and way nicer than I thought a cheap little speaker would deliver. I bought this around Black Friday 2020 and have not charged it since it first arrived in November and it is now January, so the battery life is great. It obviously is not delivering the most complex sound due to the size and price, but it is still a great little speaker. It sounds and works better than other name brand speakers I have purchased. I highly recommend this cute little speaker.

  5. Garret Socha

    I bought this speaker for my girlfriend for work (she works an office job) and she loves it. She loves how small it is and how it fits in her hand, and she also likes that it has a strap, so she can hang it further away from her desk where she answers the phone, but doesn’t have to have a big radio next to her. The sound quality is perfect-absolutely no issues there. Sounds crystal clear and loud. The ONLY dislike she has is that it is rounded from the bottom, where the sound comes out, so she is not able to set it on her desk without it potentially rolling off..but that is okay since it comes with a strap and she can command hook it to any of her walls. I am glad this was an amazon recommended purchase, as it is truly great!

  6. LInda&Jeff

    This little acorn has quality bass. Long battery life and is so solid it would be a tough nut to crack! The sound carries enough to fill an entire room I use mine in my bathroom during A long soak and listening to Amazon music “meditation”. The cello sounds amazing on here as well as piano and harp music. Also sounds great with country music pop and love making music for the bedroom. The design is nice because it can be hung from anything even your tent ceiling when you’re camping. I hung line from a plant hanger in my bathroom and plan to hang it from my tree of life sculpture because it looks interesting and will be functional for anyone to use. Love it! 5 stars because of the price as well.

  7. K. Sasser

    I loved this little thing. It was recommended from Audible and I loved the design. It worked great at first, but seven months later it quit working. It started about a month ago with poorer endurance. Thought it might be the battery so I just kept charging it but I noticed that it kept less and less of a charge each time. Tried changing the charging cord, too. No luck. Now it just shuts down completely within a minute or two of turning it on. Disappointed.UPDATE: (12/27/18) The company emailed me and offered to replace the product for free. They mailed out a new one very quickly and this one sounds really good. Thanks for good customer service.

  8. Penpro6

    My cousin Carol had ordered one of these and after hearing hers I really wanted one also. We were stripping and sanding furniture in the garage and we heard the speaker even over all of that noise. I walk the “ponds” in Florida every evening and this will be great to carry and listen to my favorite songs. Also might keep the alligators away!Pay no attention to the neck brace! I wasn’t watching where I was walking and hit a curb. And no, I was not jiving to my Acorn!

  9. Heather Locust

    I love this little speaker. I can listen to my news on the phone and carry the speaker around with me. I can hear over the vacuum, dishwasher and other loud things. You get a decent range from your phone, also. I charge it on the side of my MacBook Air and the charge lasts probably around 6-8 hours. It’s also small, has a strong cord loop to cart it around with and is cute. I was surprised by the sound. Good buy.Edit: after many months the charge only lasts about an hour. I just keep it plugged in because it still works very well except for holding a charge.

  10. Michel J. Martinez

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     This little speaker is awesome!! Nice Rich Sound from such a tiny little wooden cabinet. Inexpensive and beautiful. So nice. I am posting this review on Facebook as well.

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