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Our payment service choose the most secured, safe & complied to the highest standard of online payments today.
Below are some of the features:



  • Certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1. This means has the highest and most rigorous level of security, according to a certified auditor of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council.

  • HTTPS for all services. In simple words, Clerk is forced to use communication security protocols while you, Clerk customer, are using our online payment system. This assures you complete authentication of the sites, pages and servers used to generate your payments via internet.

  • Encrypted card numbers. This is a tricky issue to explain, but basically all credit card numbers processed through Clerk are encrypted (converted into a code that cannot be read or understood), and then decrypted by “keys” stored on separate machines. So, neither Stripe nor Clerk is able to store or access your customers’ credit card information.