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Glass Spray Bottles Kits, BonyTek Empty 12 10 ml Roller Bottles, 12 Amber Essential Oil Bottle(2 x 16oz, 2 x 4oz, 8 x 2oz) with Labels for Aromatherapy Cleaning Products : Beauty

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Glass Spray Bottles Kits, BonyTek Empty 12 10 ml Roller Bottles, 12 Amber Essential Oil Bottle(2*16oz,2*4oz,8*2oz)with Labels for Aromatherapy Cleaning Products

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Color Blue Amber Blue Amber Blue
Spray Bottle : 12 8 12 12 8
Roller Bottles : 12 4 0 0 4
Accessories ✓
Weight(lb): 4.2 3.8 2.2 2.2 3.8

Additional information

Amber, Blue, Clear

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10 reviews for Universal Amber Bottle Set

  1. Happy Nana

    This collection of supplies is perfect for starting up with e.o.s. From the different sizes of spray bottles to the roll-ons, this is so easy to use. Everything needed is available in this box. From funnels to bottle tops you’ll be set. I’m now ready to begin mixing my own scents for room-sprays, air-fresheners, cologne type scents as well. The little funnels will be put to great use. The bottle openers are awesome. It’s now far easier to remove the rollers when I make new roll-ons. Th cost is nominal for so many items. They all arrived quickly and intact. These items will keep me busy for months. The glass bottles ensures the e.lo.s will remain stable longer so I’ll enjoy my new scents even longer. The labels are great for identification of the different scents I’m making.

  2. Rebecca Kressman

    I thought this would be a great deal but I literally have every bottle leaking or spraying one strait line. Leaking while praying and if held sideways they leak! A couple rollers have had to have the rolling piece replaced bc they were actually hurting us from scratching! I though this was a great deal for the price and amount I got in the box but it’s not worth anything if I can’t use them. Nor would I give them as gifts when they’re like this.

  3. Bonnie H.

    Next day delivery means….next day delivery. It wasn’t quite 24 hours from my order that I received this set. NO bottles broken, everything accounted for. I’ve put some water in a spray bottle…working good so far. If you don’t see anything added to this review…you can assume everything worked good. As of just now opening my package….I give this set 5 stars and I’ve already suggested it to my friends.

  4. tierney s.

    I would buy these a million times! They are sturdy, the sprayers work well and do not leak, and they are perfect for making your own supplies. I haven’t had any issues with them. They were very well package too!

  5. MamaBear

    These are great so far. I’ve only tried the roller bottle so far, but they are nice from what I’ve used. My only complaint is the funnel is small and somewhat difficult to use, but I didn’t order this set for the funnel and it was at least somewhat helpful. Overall I think this is a great set for the price. Would recommend as of now and will update if I have any issues with it.

  6. Angela Davis

    There are large and small spray bottles as well as roller bottles included in this set. I used a large spray bottle to make my oil based cleaner and a small one for bug spray. Both are thick bottles that will hold up. My only complaint is the spray head. While it works great, it feels a bit flimsy. I hold on extra tight when I spray because I am afraid it may break or fall out of my hand. The roller bottles work great so far. I am impressed with the number of items for the price. All glass is amber in color.

  7. K. Archer

    Got this a week earlier then expected – lots of supplies for the price – tops on the spray bottles could be a little sturdier maybe – got a spare sprayer though! I am pleased with my purchase

  8. Dr. M

    This set is incredible in and of itself but add to that the super low price and you have a real bargain. The bottles are not cheap looking at all. They are made of thick glass and everything came through beautifully (no broken pieces). I love to write on them with a white sharpie in pretty handwriting to label them. Looks great and wipes off with wet cloth when I need to change the label. The tops have all worked great; no problems like some have stated. The only tiny issue is that one of the roller bottles wobbles when I try to stand it up. It still stands, but is a bit rounded on bottom for some reason. I mostly keep it in my toiletry bag anyway so it was no big deal and certainly for the price is not a determent. This set will keep me busy for a very long time! Can’t recommend highly enough. You won’t be dissatisfied.

  9. Megan0128

    Everything came in so fast and was packaged with care. Nothing was broken, missing, and nothing leaks!!! I make so many things with essential oils and different sprays and this is going to be such a great assortment of things to help me with that!!! I’ll definitely reorder more when I runout!!!

  10. Amazon Customer

    This is a really great set. I love using the roller bottles and this has a lot of them. A lot of the lids seal tight and do not leak. Some of the spray heads aren’t the best but they get the job done, I have also noticed for some of the spray heads if you have more liquid in the bottle it works better than half full. The set comes with instructions and a couple tools you might need. Good quality materials

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