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Travel-Size Laundry Bag, World Map: Home & Kitchen

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Maps Travel Laundry Bag - LB06MPMaps Travel Laundry Bag – LB06MP
Laundry on the road has never been easier and more stylish. Our travel size laundry bag with built-in pouch, inner loop and carabiner, is the perfect traveling companion for practical on the go washing needs. A great travel gift.

Maps Travel Laundry Bag - LB06MP

Maps Travel Laundry Bag - LB06MP

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Airplanes, Map Set, World

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10 reviews for Travel-Size Laundry Bag

  1. Nicole M.

    This is the second time we’ve bought this bag for dirties or swimsuits on the road. Our daughter has now permanently claimed our first, and we don’t want to travel without one. It folds up to nothing when it’s empty and is the perfect size for laundry. The design is also cute and it has held up for several years without fading or tearing.

  2. Paige

    I just used this while taking a weekend vacation. The size was perfect to hold 4 days worth of clothes and still had room to spare! Since I didn’t have the bag open that long, it still had the creases from how it was folded, so I was able to get it back into the little travel bag it came in. I do wish it had something to keep it closed, after pulling the strings but it didn’t stop me from using the bag. I would definitely recommend this if you need a bag that can fit a decent amount of clothes but can still fit into your suitcase.

  3. Rebecca Barney

    I have had these for nearly 2 years now. They wrap up real small, and I usually take them with me traveling empty and use them while traveling to separate out dirty laundry from the rest of my luggage, or use them as a way to help separate items within my luggage. I have used them for both inside suitcases and backpacking around Europe. They can take a beating and look cute! They are nice and small to bring along for the added use in organization while traveling.

  4. Luv2shop, goodies arrived

    I purchased this for myself. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this page! Helps do the obvious by keeping dirty clothes separate when you travelling and have no access to a washer or have time to wash them!!! Local or international travelers do appreciate this invention!! Wish I thought of this! It’s the best way to keep your clean clothes FRESH….if you must pack your worn items in the same suitcase.😀 As a traveler this is a must have.. I never travel without it in my suitcases!​ Anyway kudos to the inventors! This idea as you know was a major game changer, and winning idea👍👍👍👍👍 💯💯Oh yeah like the feel and fabric used to make this laundry bag👍

  5. L. A. Morrison

    Perfect little laundry sack for traveling. Folds into a tiny square for the outbount trip, so it won’t take much space. Just the right size for a single person for 5-7 days of laundry (bulkier items will take up more space, of course, like jeans and towels). Best part, it limits odors! I sprayed the inside with Febreeze prior to travel, and my other luggage items didn’t smell like dirty laundry when I got home!

  6. Curtis W. Jackson

    There is an educational aspect of this product; it has keenly brown outlined territories of the world listing the major regions, cities, and water bodies. Also, the design have a opiated quality indicating the laudable items inside. Because of the small size I use it primary for the socks, it is handy for carrying other things and attractive for traveling. There are many other global-imaged products including other laundry bags. This one although not suitable for significant large cloth washing, is well made, having a small inside pocket.

  7. SRK

    Fits more than expected. It folds up and fits into a small carry case that is attached to the bag itself. It will take practice to fold it back up again, but that is not necessary. I noticed there is not little pushbutton thing to tighten or fasten it. I guess you could knot or tie it. I don’t because it seems to stay put when you tighten the strings up. I use this every week when I travel.

  8. Marla Thompson

    I bought this for my boyfriend as a travel laundry bag. As the other reviews state, it is very small so check the dimensions before ordering! However, it’s great for short trips over a weekend. It would also be nice for travel in general to separate delicates from the rest of your luggage. The print is super cute and the fact that it folds up so small is very convenient.

  9. Rachael D.

    This was perfect for traveling around Europe for a month. It held just about a week’s worth of my laundry, which was perfect for the amount of times I had to go to the laundromat. Also, this folds up TINY. Very compact, and great for backpackers—and cute, too! I’ll definitely use this in the future.

  10. AMW

    I saw this laundry bag recommended on a digital nomad site. When it arrived I was wondering if it would be too small. I used it for a month of travels and it is seriously perfect! I love the size. And the design (of the world) is super cute. It is light weight but not cheap. Definitely perfect for traveling.

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