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Scratch Off World Map Poster – Deluxe Travel Map, World Map Scratch Off with US States and Country Flags, Tracks Where You Have Been, Full Accessories Set, Perfect Gift for Travelers, by Earthabitats: Earthabitats: Office Products


Product Description
Track Your Travels with the Earthabitats Scratch Off World Map

World Map For Your Memories
Been there? Scratch It!

Deluxe Scratch Off Map

Perfect Gift For Travelers

Scratchable Travel MapHave you been asked by your friends which countries you have travelled to, and you couldn’t recall some? There was this epic incident that happened in Asia, was it Thailand or Philippines? What did I do when I visited England ten years ago? I don’t remember!

The memories we made are precious treasures. The Earthabitats Scratch Off World Map will help you record and share your travel memories with your loved ones.

Hang the Earthabitats Scratch Off World Map on your wall and you’ve got yourself a classy wall decoration, plus an awesome conversation starter for your guests.

Never forget your vacation memories again! When you need a gift for that special traveller in your life, the Earthabitats Scratch Off World Map is a brilliant choice.

Easy To Scratch ✓ ✓
Vibrant Colors ✓ ✓
Rich Cartographic Details ✓ ✓
Perfect Frame for Scratch Off Maps

Gift Ready Packaging ✓ ✓ ✓
Size 24×17 inches 24×17 inches 24×17 inches
Lifetime Support ✓ ✓ ✓

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Scratch Off World Map

  1. Roxanne White

    I spent quite a long time figuring out which map to purchase since there are SO many available on Amazon. I noticed while researching these maps, several of the other sellers have fake reviews. They’ve got 10 reviews at a time all written on the same day & clearly by the same person.. That’s a big turn off… No thank you.I liked the colors of this map and that the US has the states labeled so I can track where I’ve been in my own country. The map is a good size — not gigantic but large enough to see lots of detail. I’ve been to 24 countries & seeing it all highlighted in this way & displayed on my wall is awesome. It is inspiring also because I feel like I’ve hardly been anywhere in the grand scheme of how large earth is!The scratcher tool (guitar pick!) and eraser to get the debris off the map were incredibly helpful & made scratching very easy. I was so afraid to over-scratch the map, but it seems very thick and durable. The magnifier was VERY helpful to see some of the smaller countries, and I love the carrying pouch the tools come in. I will be able to keep the tools together for future travel scratching. I purchased a frame at Michael’s (the map is 17×24 but I could only find an 18×24 — left the information paper in the frame and it looks fine with that half inch border on top & bottom) for only $16 with coupon & plan on hanging this in our living room.I’m very pleased with my purchase! If I had a SLIGHT peeve, I wish a few of the countries were different colors than they are. The UK is tan when you scratch it, which looks very similar to the gold unscratched color. The Maldives is a dark purple when you scratch, and it blends in to the abyss of the ocean… Not really a big deal, but I’m weird like that.

  2. Nicki182

    I got this as a Father’s Day gift for my dad, he has traveled for work my whole life and been to so many countries and cool places. He absolutely loves it. It’s a unique gift and perfect for a world traveler or someone who wants to. Plus I’ll eventually keep it to remember my dad. And the price is great too. Very good quality for price I would recommend!

  3. Emily F

    I bought a “knock off” one awhile ago so I was super happy to purchase this one. The quality is GREAT! and I love that all the US states are separated so we can scratch them off as we travel within the US as well as abroad. It would be great it the sellers would also offer a frame made specifically for the size of this map, because it was difficult to find one to fit the map nicely (and it still has a gap all the way around). I would certainly pay extra for a nicely fitted frame.

  4. Gail

    Arrived with everything it needed. I really like this idea for tracking where you have traveled, and my kids got a kick out of it too. It’s not the company’s fault, so I don’t want to give a lesser review because of it, but it should be noted that it’s shipped in a tube and is rolled up tight. It was pretty difficult to unroll the map. I had to have several hands help me unroll it and then flatten it down with books, where it is now sitting on a table for several days so that it learns to stays that way, lol. If it wasn’t shipped rolled up, it would probably damage or bend it, so I get why it’s shipped that way though. Just thought I would mention it if you’re all excited to start filling it out right when you get it.

  5. David

    I’ve traveled around the world a couple times, but never had anything to share with others just where I’ve been, and remind me where else I might want to add to the list. This handy world map is easy to scratch off those places where I’ve already visited. This is a high quality map that soon as I’m done scratching I’ll frame and hang on the wall, only to take down when I need to mark some more states/provinces/countries I’ve been to. Great gift for those worldly travelers you know.

  6. AG

    Bought as a random gift for my boyfriend. He is a world traveler and has been all over the world and we talk about it often. I wanted to cheer him up with a reminder of where all he has been but to think about all the life we have left to live and places to go and experiences to be had. He was surprised and loved it! He will be getting a frame for it – it does look nice enough to hang. Purchased after comparing with other options and decided price and quality were in line with what I expect. It all came packaged nicely and with prime shipping on time. Perfect little gift for the right recipients.

  7. Luke

    I bought this map after seeing a friend with one. It is a great way to look at all the places you have been, and begin planning where to go next. It comes with a nice tool for scratching off the material covering the countries and an eraser to clean it up. People will often look at my map and ask me about different places, so its fun to hang up in high traffic areas like an office or living room.

  8. mike

    The map I received was misprinted where the state boundaries in the US are off in relation to their actual location. The white lines and state abbreviations are about 2-3 inches below where they should be. The east coast states are in the Atlantic and even Canada drops down into the US. As a product that is supposed to be used to visually display where you’ve been, incorrect boundaries make it quite difficult to do just that.

    Scratch Off World Map Poster – with US States and Country Flags, Track Your Adventures. Includes Scratcher and Memory Stickers, Perfect Gift for Travelers, By Earthabitats®

  9. Teacup

    I am extremely happy with this item!Being in the military for 9 years and a current traveler this is a great way to keep track of everywhere you’ve been.I spent a couple of extra dollars to frame it and really made it look good, now it’s a great conversational piece when guest come over.My only issues, which was resolved in a matter of 48 hrs, my particular map unfortunately was missing a few pieces that came with it. One email and not only did I get the parts but they sent another map.Well done, highly recommended!

  10. Amazon Customer

    I love this map! The colors are beautiful and it looks just like the colors you see in the pictures. I was most excited to scratch off Brazil since I have traveled there before, and this beautiful pink color came out just like the pictures. What I really liked were the little details on the map such as the landmarks that the countries are known for. I pay attention to details and I love that this company does the same in their product. The map was a perfect size to frame, it’s not excessively large but not really small either. Another thing is the map is thick and not super thin so I did not feel like I was going to accidentally rip it apart when scratching off the countries. I did a lot of research between many scratch off map until I decided on buying this one. And I am so glad that I did because this map is everything that I wanted and more. Originally when I ordered the map, I had Prime and it was suppose to arrive in two days. Due to a problem on Amazon’s part, the package did not come to me until about a week later and the map was dented inside because someone in shipping had put something heavy on it. Luckily, the company of this map had already contacted me and wanted to know if I was happy with my product. I explained the situation to them and before I knew it, a new map was sent to my house and I received it in a matter of a couple days! I am so appreciative that this company had amazing owners and great customer service because I believe that not all companies would go out of their way to make things right. Buy this map, you will not regret it!!

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