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Window RFID Wallet for Men, Bifold Top Flip, Extra Capacity Travel Wallet (Almond Brown – Distressed Leather, Super Capacity)

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Color:Almond Brown – Distressed Leather, Super Capacity

These Executive Bifold 2 ID wallets are handcrafted from only the finest Top Grain or Full Grain Leather and each wallet is RFID/NFC blocking to safeguard you and your identity.

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(Slate Gray – Distressed Leather, Almond Brown – Distressed Leather, Super Capacity, Black – Pebble Leather, Black – Sheepskin Leather, Black – Smooth Napa Grade a Leather, Black-Carbon Fiber, Brown – Distressed Leather, Brown – Sheepskin Leather, Charcoal Black – Distressed Leather, Charcoal Black – Distressed Leather, Super Capacity, Dark Gray – Distressed Leather, Super Capacity, Texas Brown – Distressed Leather

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10 reviews for RFID Travel Wallet

  1. JKGetts

    My husband is pretty hard to shop for as he doesn’t have a lot of ‘wants’ and I already bought the normal go-to gifts (cologne, jeans, tools) for Christmas. Then I remembered his current designer wallet was in dire need of replacement as it was starting to fall apart. Plus, it has broken several debit cards from him sitting on his wallet.So, the search was on for a new wallet for Valentine’s Day. Knowing him, the wallet had to have a couple of requirements to meet his needs:1. ID window so he can easily show his ID without taking it out of his wallet.2. LOTS of card slotsI looked at so many wallets from low end to designer I lost count; they either didn’t have enough card slots, missing the ID window, or just didn’t look like something he would want. Thankfully, I stumbled across this brand; the reviews were good and the wallet looked like it would meet his requirements so I took the plunge and ordered.Actually, I was torn between this wallet and the 

    Minimalist ID Outside (Smooth Black)

     (he had a wallet years ago that had a money clip he loved) so I ended up ordering both to see which looked best in person.No joke, I received both wallets the next business day after ordering which I was surprised yet pleased with. Due to the price, I expected these to arrive in the normal, plastic Amazon package and that’s it. I was wrong; both wallets were inside gift boxes AND each wallet was wrapped in tissue paper. The presentation was so nice I didn’t want to ruin it by unwrapping the tissue paper to look at each wallet so I decided to give both wallets to him and let him choose which one he wanted to keep.Upon opening, the wallet looked to be of great quality and the sheepskin was so soft!Spoiler Alert: He likes them both and has decided to keep both. Right now he is using this wallet but I imagine he will change into the minimalist when we travel on vacation.Sorry this is such a long review. but hopefully it is helpful. I normally do not take the time to write reviews but I was so thoroughly impressed I felt I needed to.TLDR – Great wallet, great presentation. Happy husband. Would order again.

  2. Dylan

    Best wallet Ive ever owned! All of my previous wallets were black sheepskin: They start out looking great but soon turn to a fat blob taking the shape of the only rigid things inside – credit cards & IDs. Then the stitching starts tearing through the soft sheepskin like dental floss through soft cheese and they soon fall apart.NOT THIS WALLET THOUGH!!! The cowhide leather is very different than the more typical lamb/sheep skin. It is much stiffer (in a good way) and will no doubt hold its shape much better over time. The stitching is also very solid and will no doubt hold up well. I got the grey leather, and while it is a little more “tan” in color than the picture, it is true “grey leather” which has a slight tan tint to it. It is a very beautiful leather finish and I have no doubt that it will age beautifully as it starts to pick up oil and dirt from my hands and clothing.Also, I cut the ID window/flap out of mine and I’m glad that plan of mine worked out well. I don’t know what the fascination is with ID flaps & ID windows in wallets – they take up additional space/make the wallet thicker – for no added benefit (my opinion). Whenever I need to show my ID (cops, TSA agents, rental car clerks, hotel check ins), I have to take the ID out of the wallet. Nobody wants to examine your ID through a plastic window in a wallet that you’re shoving at them. So why not treat the ID like any other card that you take out, use, and put back? I searched and could not find a bi-fold wallet thatI liked that did not have an ID window, so I started looking at wallets where I could easily remove the ID flap. Thats what led me to this wallet. 20 seconds with an exacto knife and the ID flap has been removed, with no trace of it ever having been there.NOTE TO MFG: You should sell this wallet without the ID flap as well! You wouldn’t have to design anything new, just skip the mfg step where the ID flap is sewn in. You’d have a whole additional product line for almost zero extra effort and you’ll serve an undersupplied crowd: people like me that would rather have a thinner wallet than have a pointless ID flap!Conclusion: If I lost or destroyed this wallet I would immediately buy the exact same one without hesitation to replace it. It feels weird to rave so hard about a friggin wallet, but what can I say – this wallet makes every other wallet Ive owned look & feel like cheap garbage. You’ll just have to order one to see for yourself 🙂

  3. George C

    I originally bought this as a gift for a relative. He loved it enough that he mentioned it several times long after I gave it to him. So needing a new wallet I bought one for myself. I normally prefer super thin wallets so I was a bit concerned this wallet would be too thick for my preference. But it really isn’t, it holds all my cards and cash not much thicker than my old thin wallet. So much so that I don’t notice a real difference. With my ID, cards and cash it measures slightly over 1/2 inch thick closed.The wallet seems to be of high quality. How do I know? The relative I gave one to stuffs more things than should be possible (think George Costanza’s wallet from Seinfeld) in his and it still holds up under all that stress. The one I got for myself also appears well made and has no issues. The leather appears of good quality and the stitching appears solid.The only negative and this is a small one, the pockets seem a little bit loose for holding cards. So they slide out a bit too easy for my liking. But unless you are waving the wallet around with it open that should not be a big issue.Overall I recommend this wallet. High quality with a thinner than expected profile. Plenty of room for ID, cards, and cash. The pockets for cards could be a little tighter though.

  4. Josh Cronkhite

    My old cheap leather wallet finally fell apart, so I came to Amazon to find a replacement. I never care about what quality wallet I have, just that it fits my cards and doesn’t cost anything. This time, I decided to have a look at what seemed like a quality product and decided to purchase this one. When it arrived I migrated all of my cards over and began life with this new wallet. I thought that would be the end of it because… it’s a wallet. Who cares. It has its job and just exists. You don’t think about it.Funny enough, I think about this wallet (I know, sounds ridiculous). I’m sure I’ll take it for granted eventually, but it’s still new. What I’m surprised by is how soft and comfortable it is, but how completely sturdy it is at the same time. This was a great purchase and I highly recommend it to all, especially those who always buy cheap leather wallets.

  5. Josh

    This wallet is probably the nicest I’ve owned. It’s big, and it took me a couple weeks to get used to that but I actually love the size now. It’s spacious, it feels good in the hands, it’s soft yet sturdy and it looks great. I do wish that the lowest card pockets on each side were cut slightly higher, as too much of the card is exposed and in my opinion this makes it easier to lose a card from that slot. Because of this I won’t use the bottom slot for a card (see my picture).The wallet is made from great quality leather and has a semi-slim feel even when well-loaded. I’ve only had it for about a month so I’m curious to see how well it will wear as it continues to break in.Packaging was perfect. The wallet comes inside a branded and fitted box. Inside is a nice velvety bag. Open up the bag and in a thin plastic sleeve is the wallet wrapped perfectly in branded paper. This packaging compliments the quality of the product and is a very nice touch.The cash compartments are spacious, as are the card pockets. There’s more space on the side of each card which probably also helps prevent stress and wear on the wallet’s stitching. Speaking of the stitching – it’s nice.There are much more expensive wallets than this on the market, but I find it hard to believe they are going to be so well made. Time will tell how long this wallet lasts but if I can get 2 solid years before it sags and becomes heavily worn, I’ll be extremely happy and will purchase another.

  6. Ermellina U. Brady

    A very well made wallet and great appearance. The flip-up left side allows me to store two IDs that I use regularly and the access couldn’t be easier. The slots for credit cards allow me to see which card I want very easily. without having to sort through a pile. Behind the ID holder I can store a few other items like permits that I need to carry with me. The two cash compartments allow me to separate large and smaller denomination bills. .The RFID protection is greatly appreciated.

  7. Kyle

    Well for starters the package came earlier then I was expecting. When I opened the package the wallet came in 2 boxes it had tissue paper over it and a sack also over it and another layer of tissue paper, they really do protect your wallet when they send it to you I had boughten a couple other wallets off amazon before that just came in a yellow envelope. Back to the wallet it’s awesome it is nice size and soft for the leather it is. It fits all my cards and it’s not bulky at all means and every slot is filled. Also I like about it is the 2 id slots I also needed the 2 slots for my badge and license. The RFID also works great. That was a big bonus of purchasing this wallet because like anyone else your worried about being apart of theft. I had all types of wallets to bi-fold to money clips to the pocket wallet with the money clip to the tri-fold but out of all them I think Bryder Hyde is the best brand I bought from a long shot. It also comes with a warranty you have to register your wallet. So to say I’m very pleased with my purchase and will definitely buy Bryder Hyde again. Hope this review helps you chose the right wallet for you.

  8. Gee

    My Fiance is the pickiest person I have ever known. So when I was picking out a wallet for the “king” I knew he wanted brown, leather, and pockets for all his cards.. even the ones he doesn’t use but demands to have them on him at all times. Took a chance and went with this beauty and I was so glad I did. The wallet was exactly as described and looks even better in person. Needless to say the Fiance RAVED about it. Everything fits so nicely without it looking bulky, can hold all his junk he’ll never use for the next two years, and his favorite is the top flip ID window. Dont second guess this item. 100% worth the money! So get your credit card out and support this veteran owned, small family ran business. You wont regret it!

  9. Jeff

    I got tired of the same assortment of Kenneth Cole/whatever trash wallets at Macy’s, so for the first time I did some exploring online to find something different. This wallet immediately stood out when looking for wallets that protect against RFID “skimming.”This wallet initially stood out to me for a few reasons: the attractive grey leather (and Spartan logo on the wallet), the emphasis on RFID shielding and the pledge to donate to veterans on every purchase.I received my wallet today, and the grey color is very nice looking. This is my first non-black wallet in a while, and I couldn’t be happier. I also did some research on the company’s site, and found they pledge to donate $1 per purchase to the Veterans Coalition of North Central Texas; I appreciate the specific charity being named.My only feedback would be that I’d like to see some type of verification of the RFID functionality for this particular brand. That’s not to say I distrust the claims made by Bryker Hyde, but I would assume the company has their own internal tests to verify the RFID-shielding property of the wallets, and exposing that would build trust in the brand even more. Anecdotally though, this appears to have the same material inside of it as another brand of RFID-blocking passport holder I own, which I have seen verified (it completely blocked RFID skimming), so I am inclined to believe the claims of Bryker Hyde.Overall, great wallet for the money.

  10. Michael

    in buying other wallets. This wallet is beautiful and is precision crafted by those who know how difficult it is to pass a week’s worth of MREs. God bless these heroes. Since getting this wallet, my social status has increased 10 fold. I now have glorious six-pack abs, Peggy-Sue finally accepted my invitation to the Winter Formal dance, and all my chronic health problems have been eliminated. I will never buy another wallet again, because I wont have too. This one will last forever.

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