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Premium Vintage Luggage Sets 24″ Trolley Suitcase and 12″ Hand Bag Set with TSA Locks (12″ +24″ White) | Suitcases

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A Unique Look: ​Looking for a different style suitcase? Forget the black cookie-cutter cases and try our vintage-style classic suitcase set: a 24’’ roller and a 12’’ handheld train case. You don’t have to compromise sturdiness for an elegant look – our luggage set is made of premium heavy-duty PU leather with durable hand-crafted stitching. They look stunning and age well for years to come. The 24’’ roller is equipped with 4 heavy-duty caster wheels for easy maneuvering and 2 TSA locks for extra security. The 24’’ roller has 2 adjustable handle heights to fit users large and small, and it has interior pockets for easy organization. The 12’’ train case has about 5L of space for your valuables. The ultimate luggage bag set for 3- 5 days trips – feed your wanderlust in style. Versatile Style: This vintage luxury suitcase set will make you a shining star in the sea of average-looking suitcases. With this eyes-catching baggage set, you’ll always travel in style. Fashionable for both men and women, it can be used for quick overnight excursions, weekend staycations at your favorite retreat, or international trips abroad. Just remember to stay CO-Z on your trip! Utility Features: Each suitcase is equipped with 2 TSA Locks & 2 extra inside pockets for security and convenience. The 24” roller has heavy-duty noise-reducing wheels for ultimate mobility. Its lightweight design has a waterproof surface, making it hard to stain and easy to clean. Decorative magnetic buckles complete the vintage look, reminiscent of a bygone era of train travel and postcards. Specifications: 24’’ roller dimensions: 23’’x14’’x9’’ 24″ roller weight: 10.7lbs 12’’ train case dimensions: 12.4’’x5.1’’x8.2’’ 12’’ train case weight: 3.0lbs Maximum handle height: 41’’ ​Package includes: 1x 24’’ roller suitcase 1×12’’ train case
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12" +24" Blue, 12" +24" Pink, 12" +24" White

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10 reviews for Premium Vintage Luggage Sets

  1. angie

    Beautiful. Small. The large one isnt small enough to carry on so youll need to check it in and pray the plane crews don’t toss your suitcase around and dent it. As for the cute little one i can’t figure out how to open it. Wish it came with instructions. I tried messing w the locking mechanism and 000 is the default. Idk if i can switch this either but whatever. The little square shifts over appropriately verifying the code is correct. However it won’t pop open. Took a knife and keys to it to man handle without messing up the bag and nothing. Maybe it needs to warm up to me.UPDATE. SOOOO im dumb. Lets review the little suitcase code shall we? Ok. 000 is the default and if you shift the square to the right it will open. For those of you like me where righty tighty lefty loosey yeah i nearly messedup my dang item trying to open it. To reset the code. While unlocked shift the square knob to the left, you should see the locking mechanism move all the way to the left as well. While holding the square knob left change the code. To verify it took, shift the square knob to the right. If it shifts over and isnt locked in you have successfully created your own 3 digit pin. Enjoy!

  2. GEP

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     I purchased this classic vintage style luggage for my CA amusements trip.  Great quality and the pattern is awesome for recognizing very easily in the laguage claim area.  After a week of traveling, I am quite impressed with this luggage. I really liked the design of the luggage inside and out. The inside design made it easy to pack and get into throughout my vacation.

  3. Monica

    This luggage is amazingly adorable and the shade of pink is beautiful!! Lots of compliments at the airport. The wheels roll perfectly smooth as well. I will say it is a tad bit too tall for carry on, but if you roll it at an angle instead of straight up, you shouldn’t have a problem getting on board with it. Unfortunately I had to check this luggage leaving DFW airport because I was rolling it straight up and the pink of course is very eye catching. However, when we left DIA to fly back to Dallas, I rolled it at an angle and away from the flight attendants at the gate and got on with it no problem. Definitely buy this luggage!!

  4. Yady15

    I’m in love 😍 beautiful pink luggage Just what I wanted 💖

  5. Kitten With A Quip

    Absolutely GORGEOUS suitcase!!! I’m telling you…I cannot BELIEVE the amazing price for this beautiful bag. 24″? Are you kidding me??? lol It’s the SAME BAG as is currently being sold by SO many other sellers for almost 1/2 the price. I mean, it’s the SAME. The only difference is the color of the interior lining. Absolute truth. I really did my homework on this type of bag, and I was so very close to ordering from taobao…but, honestly, I didn’t want to wait a month or two. Then I saw this as a suggestion from Amazon when I was looking at the SAME BAG by Uniwalker. “Huh?” I thought. Wait. Uniwalker wants $185-$190…and this great company is charging around $60-$70 less with free shipping! :-O I mean, I studied these bags up and down, in and out. THEY ARE THE SAME BAG. No difference. NONE. And when it arrived? WOW. You would not BELIEVE the care and detail that has gone into the manufacturing! Not a flaw on this suitcase. Nothing is wrong. It’s sturdy, solid, the locks are GREAT…the rose gold on the extractable handle and little metal details is sooo pretty…and the wheels spin really smoothly.You’d be very foolish to spend more money for Uniwalker or any of the other ripoff bags. Go Co-Z all the way! GET THE WORD OUT! 😀 Oh, and the seller is so kind and professional…what more could you ask for?

  6. Ali

    Love the bags, but I must warn as other reviewers have the bags are not very big, the largest one is slightly taller than the average carryon. However I don’t even care, the wheels are sturdy, I’ve been rough with it and not had any scratches or dents. Some have mentioned they weren’t sure how to open it upon arrival… do not panic be sure to line up the locks and push both sides of the security locks outward at the same time and this will unlock the bag, but on the small bag the original unlock code is all 0’s. Now stop scanning the reviews for problems and buy these bags and prepare to turn heads and feel classy AF with your luggage.

  7. alex

    I took this bag to Peru for a 5 day trip. It got a little scratched but held up well overall. It is absolutely beautiful, I got a lot of compliments at the airport. As far as size goes, I would say that this is good for a trip 5 days or less days unless you are a minimalist packer. It is also too big to be a carry on. The smaller brief case that comes with is is also beautiful, works great as a purse carry on and fits very comfortably under the airplane seats. The locks are a very nice feature.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Loved this luggage; soo chic and I received tons of compliments on my travels. Not much room for packing if you’re planning a long trip, but perfect for short or weekend getaways. I was a bit worried about the sturdiness but it surprisingly held up nicely for my week long trip to France, even without it being locked (I unfortunately lost the keys a day before my trip and was worried it might open up, but it stayed closed for two connecting flights and transfers) I am very happy with this purchase, I just wish it was a little bigger, but satisfied overall.

  9. Elizabeth G

    I am blown away with how adorable this luggage set is!! There is a huge attention to detail, down to the lining, the insert that fit snugly into the large back for more storage and organization. There’s a matching luggage tag on the big bag, I didn’t realize that! The extending handle is a really pretty rose gold color that looks so nice with the colors of the bags I selected (cream with brown leather trim). Even the spinner wheels match the brown of the leather. If the handle had been just plain silver, or if the wheels were black like I saw on other bags, it would have ruined the affect of this vintage luggage!The small bag has a special strap that affixes it to the handle of the larger bag so it all stays put. I haven’t made a trip yet, but plan to take these to Europe and a few other trips. I think the main downside will be airport handling of this luggage. It seems as strong as you’d expect, but baggage handlers can be notoriously hard on luggage, so I’m expecting some scratches and dings on this after a few trips. That said, since it’s a vintage style I’m hopeful it will just add to the “patina” and make it look even more authentic!And the final unexpected bonus is that this luggage is so darn cute, I actually have it sitting in the corner of my home office storing it in plain site because it doubles as a pretty home décor accessory when not in use!

  10. DylanNMU

    I get SO many compliments on my luggage when traveling. It arrived so beautifully wrapped- it looks like a luxury item at an excellent price. It is technically an inch longer than the airline allows for carry-on. It is perfect for train travel and road trips.

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