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Paris Chatelet Hard+ Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Chocolate Brown, Carry-on 21 Inch | Carry-Ons

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Brake System
Unique brake system is activated with a button and locks the two front wheels of the luggage, preventing the bag from drifting away while allowing travelers to roll the bag on the two back wheels.
Double Spinner Wheels
Superior quality, silent-running, double spinner wheels assure smooth maneuverability and add comfort to your journey.
Deluxe Interior
A fully lined, luxurious soft-touch interior offers two packing compartments with tie-down straps on one side and a zippered mesh divider on the other side to minimize shifting of contents during travel. Two interior bags and a hanger are included for maximum organization.
Recessed TSA Lock
A recessed TSA-approved lock is found on the side of the case that allows only TSA agents to open and inspect your bag without damaging the lock. Comes with built in tracking device in the event of lost luggage.
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Carry-on 21 Inch, Checked-Medium 24 Inch, Checked-Large 28 Inch


Black, Champagne White, Chocolate Brown

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Parisian Luggage Spinner Wheels

  1. BW

    I was the only one who dared to get white by the looks of baggage claim! It went on its maiden voyage to Wine Country and came back with no black marks or red wine stains! 🍷🍷🍷BE BRAVE it’s a great piece! I love the pockets and hard case as well as the classy style. Even the flight attendants were a bit envious!

  2. Female customer

    Wonderfull craftsmanship, very well designed,provides all sorts of pockets for organizing your wardrobe,plus excellent securing straps and zippered separators to keep garments unwrinkled. It’s truly a luxury case.provides separate shoe bags,and used lingerie pouch. All in very good quality fabric well sewn and expensive zippers that glide and hold without pulling stitches of fabric or twisting teeth of zipper. Definitely a high quality product, strong easy wheels, and amazingly resilient finish on outer case, no scratches after traveling all over Europe and changing 6 airlines.

  3. Shoppjc

    This suitcase. My heart swoons. Gorgeous exterior/interior. Holds a weeks worth of clothing if you pack it right. Rolls better than any suitcase I’ve ever owned. This is a must for any weekend traveler.

  4. Francine Darling

    Gorgeous piece of luggage! I’d been looking to find a large piece of luggage for longer trips, but struggled to find something till I came across this beauty. The inside is beautiful, and the material is so soft, and not plasticity like every other suitcase I’ve ever seen. The color and design is amazing! I am worried about scuffs but am looking for a clear one to cover (I will update with a cover when I find one). But the outside looks durable so I assume some clorox wipes and a magic eraser would clean up most damage. Integrated lock, tracking system and brakes all make this bag top notch! So happy with my purchase.Update: Tinksky 28-Inch Suitcase Cover Luggage Trolley Case Protector (Transparent) will fit over this. Not a perfect fit, but it’s at least something to keep it some what clean when traveling!

  5. Jessica

    Been on three trips with this bag so far: 8 flights and being checked, I’m in love! Best suitcase I’ve ever had (and I’ve had several in the past few years), the inside is lined with very soft fabric and it works great with my packing cubes plus both sides have zip up compartments which you never see, everything stays exactly where I put it, when I get to my hotel I can open it up and nothing has shifted at all! I check my bags most of the time but this is a carry on size so you can carry it on most domestic aircraft. I got the chocolate color because I don’t like white very much. There are a few minor scuffs now but you can only see them if you look very closely. It doesn’t tip over or forward, it’s very well balanced and you can fit a backpack on top. Rolls very well.Update: November 2018 This suitcase is still going strong, it’s been on over 16 flights now spending all but three of those in check ed luggage and it’s come thru very well. A few months ago I found a medium dent in one corner at baggage claim (you could fit a child’s fist in it) and I was concerned but it’s been on four flights since and the dent doesn’t seem to be an issue, it’s holding up same as before and thankfully the dent isn’t big enough to affect the interior space. Excellent suitcase, very satisfied.

  6. Mama Wama

    *** Update: flew Anerican this weekend and used my Delsey to carry on. American’s carry on specs are 22×9×14. With wheels this was a hair over 22″ but I had no trouble carrying it on. They ran out of overhead bin space on one leg of my trip and forced me to check it. The cover I bought did not fit, so I had no cover on it this trip. It faired well, but obviously the white shows every mark. I will be buying a new cover for it…just in case!!! Otherwise, still loving my suitcase!Original review: This is a beautiful piece of luggage. With the wheels, it is on the taller end for carry ons. Will work as a carry on on Southwest and couple others. I travel domestically quite a bit with Southwest, so this fits my needs, but will need another suitcase if I use an airline that requires a 21″ case.The suitcase rolls really nicely and the handle slides easily. The interior is a beautiful red color and the fabric lining is very nice quality. I love that it has zip enclosures on both sides and great pockets.Comes with two bags for shoes or dirty laundry and a hanger with a place to hang items in the case!Very good quality case. I am extremely pleased with my purchase!

  7. Barb

    I purchased both the brown and white versions of this bag. The white for me and the brown for my 16yo son. The interior of these bags is so nice. Even my son noticed; now THAT is a compliment! Both sides are zippered and the fabric is a soft brushed cotton-like fabric. There are a lot of pockets for a hard-sided case. You have to pack economically since the case doesn’t expand. I bought some zippered compression cubes that help a lot. I like coordinating luggage and had a hard time finding personal items that would go well with these super-nice pieces. I’ve included photos for others that are having the same issue. We got a Herschel backpack for the brown one — its appropriate for a 16yo boy and it doubles as our day-pack while out and about. I had a much harder time finding something for the white one for me. What I ended up with is a brandy (its really brown) leather Lily Jade bag. Its really a diaper bag, but when you take the insert out, it makes a super-functional carry-on bag with lots of pockets on the inside and the outside. It really makes up for the lack of outside pockets on the Delsey. The combination of these four small carry-on bags allows us to pack for up to three weeks away. I did break down and order a spandex cover for the white one in case I get lazy and decide to check the white bag.

  8. Dano

    First off, I travel like crazy for work, I’m going to finish this year with ~230k miles (actual miles, no bonuses counted). I’ve been using Tumi for years, mostly a carry-on size. But lately, I’ve been wanting to pack some workout shoes/clothes, and sometimes need to pack a warm winter jacket, so carry-on was becoming a pain and too small. So I purchased this Delsey Chatelet.I initially purchased: one medium brown, one medium white for my wife, one large brown, and one carry-on brown. As such, I will cross-post this review to the other models/sizes as well.This luggage looks really good, I mean it looks designer style. Frankly, it looks better than the Rimowa that I was considering buying that was like double to triple the cost. The Delsey is super high quality, inside and out. And the wheels are so smooth! It rolls really effortlessly on hard surfaces, although sometimes on carpet it requires a little more force to get it to start rolling, but not a big deal.The quality of the materials is top notch. The shell is super hard, the zippers are high quality, the lock works well, the popup handle is well constructed.A note on clamshell design:This type of luggage is obviously a clamshell design that opens in the middle, which means that you must put the entire luggage on a flat surface like a bed or floor to open it and pack/unpack. This means that you cannot easily use the luggage rack provided in most hotel rooms. This is quite different if you’re coming from a design with a single major compartment and a suiter, It takes some getting used to, but I’ve adjusted to it and don’t mind it.A note of caution on the white color:The white color looks really awesome, my wife really liked it, but after just a single trip, it already showed some dark scuff marks from baggage handling. We ended up wiping it down and returning it and replacing it with a brown unit. If you are willing to live with scuff marks, then fine, but just be aware that it will scuff easily. On the other hand, the brown color shows no noticeable scuff marks after 3 trips now.Great luggage, buy it, you won’t regret it. And people at the airport stare at your fancy luggage!

  9. Tyler&Steph

    I purchased my 24 inch at amazon and my 21 inch at Macy’sI will tell you everything about this luggage!1- Absolutely beautiful, elegant, stylish,luxurious, grat material,well made!2- You will certainly need a luggage cover, this is a light color case, if you don’t want your case to get dirty and scuff marks you better get one.I did post a picture of my luggage cover i purchased at Amazon. I will be doing a review on that later.3- the zipper is great so are the locks! The material of the fabric inside my luggage is so nice and soft.4- the luggage comes with a hanger on each case and 2 shoes/laundry in each caseI did purchase my 24 inch at Amazon and my 21inch. I really wanted to make sure i was getting the real thing and not a fake luggage. They are exactly the same quality! except the one i purchased with Amazon was better packed then my Macy’s case. My 24th inch purchased on amazon came straight from 21 inch the people from Macy’s just put in the box in no plastic bag, there was only a few papers to protect and it did scratch my case handle. So amazon did way better.I was not paid to do this review! I purchased both of these cases, they are so beautiful and i could not settle for anything else. I did a lot research before my purchase. I hope my review was helpful.

  10. BronxxGirl

    I bought this for my trip to England and Ireland. I am a frequent traveler and have another smaller hard shell case luggage but wanted something larger for my vacation plans. An outstandingly beautiful piece of luggage. Very, very nice interior design. Lots of space inside – has a tieback to hold clothing down as well as a zippered section that goes over it. Light weight and very easy to roll through airports and hotels. Glad to have a great piece of luggage that does not get confused with the hundreds of other bags upon arrival. I thought because of the white color it would get scuffed up easily but that was not the case with almost 2 weeks of travel.

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