Multifunction Swiss Backpack

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Swiss Gear Carry-On Backpack with Rainproof Laptop Section and Tablet Compartment: Luggage & Bags

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Backpack with 17.3 computer and tablet sleeves<img alt=”Backpack with 17.3 computer and tablet sleeves” src=”,0,970,300_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg”/>

rainproof zippers in computer compartment and interior tie down straps to keep packed items secure<img alt=”rainproof zippers in computer compartment and interior tie down straps to keep packed items secure” src=”,0,970,300_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg”/>

Muilti-use organizer with RFID blocking pocket and cable pockets for media wires<img alt=”Muilti-use organizer with RFID blocking pocket and cable pockets for media wires” src=”,0,970,300_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg”/>

quick-loop back straps for suitcase retractable handle, carabiner to attach extra items<img alt=”quick-loop back straps for suitcase retractable handle, carabiner to attach extra items” src=”,0,970,300_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg”/>

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Multifunction Swiss Backpack

  1. Kiev E

    On first opening, the backpack was big which was expected and with nothing inside of it, carrying it with my hand and on my back felt unexpectedly heavy. Other than the weight, wearing it on my back was comfortable and it felt like I had a heavy duty vest on. It’s got a lot of pockets for my glasses, wallet, laptop and books which I find to be enjoyable. It also comes with a drying packet and a little removable cushion underneath the laptop area of the bag which was a neat addition. Other than the cushion, each pocket of the bag had little features. One had a cross strap to hold your binders and another came with little pockets to hold all of your writing instruments and or your device. The little two pockets on the side of the bag were too little in my opinion and could barely fit my wallet. I like the little attachable clip that is between the straps as it prevents your backpack from falling off. I do not, however, like the little attachable clip between the bag itself and the strap (there were two of them). I don’t want to have to clip and unclip it again and again every time I need to open my bag and in my opinion, I think it is redundant and just adds more mess to the bag itself. The zippers were very high quality but it made it difficult to put on a keychain as it was too thick (no complaints just saying). As for the strap, it came with a mini pocket and a little strip to put your glasses on. Overall, this backpack is very high quality and I would recommend it to anyone in need of one.

  2. Jocelyn

    Bought this for my son for Christmas. He’s a university student who studies in the Maritimes and comes home to Yukon on holidays. This backpack came in really useful going back to school with all his Christmas presents. It is spacious and well-built and held up really well despite the two pairs of men’s shoes, a jacket, a large laptop, books and who-knows-what-else that got shoved into it. It was even confortable to carry despite the weight. Highly recommended.

  3. Mitko

    I bought this backpack to replace my previous 7 year old Swiss backpack. It is a little bigger (taller) then my old one but it seems very well done.The 17″ laptop compartment has a pocket for tablets where my 10″ tablet fits very well. The main compartment has elastic straps to hold bulky objects. The third compartment (back-to-front) has 2 nice mesh compartments for small objects. The last 4th and most front compartment has everything I need to store my pens, IDs, etc.

  4. Hajar

    Good as a carry on , and even for a short trip. Tested it for a 4 days trip, worked fine, was completly loaded, my back wasn’t hurt (it feels like the backpack does correct my back position!). Zippers are strong, the carabiner is a good idea, but i wouldn’t recommand attaching heavy objects to it, and when you open it it doesn’t return automatically to the locked position (so i have everytime to return it by my fingers). Reflective bands are positionned wisely, visible and discrete at same time.In the last month, my brother tested it in a 5 days trip to Paris : (what he says) “its shoulder straps are comfortable, while i was having 8 Kg of load on it. In a rainy day in Paris, i was walking 25 minutes with the rain on me, from Place de la Bourse to Bibliothèque Pompidou, and i haven’t any umbrella. When i reached my destination, i checked the bag’s interior: no single water drop, everything was good, even my papers. And it handle lot of stuffs : my laptop,clothes ( 3 undershirts, 3 underpants, a pullover, packable jacket, chargers,powerbank, some books, a magazine….). And putting it on the top of my carry on was very comfortable, it doesnt make it tilt or balance, even with its bulky look! Thank you sister !”.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Needed a new backpack for traveling as on-board luggage as well as for shopping. Recently traveled to Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland from Canada and it worked wonderfully. I used the cinch straps on the sides of the backpack to make it smaller when I went on the plane. Great quality and was very comfortable to wear, even on very hot humid days. The built-in ventilation on the padding that sits on your back worked well. I do have to agree with others posters that the small strap that keeps both shoulder straps together, is too high and tends to choke you. I tried it once and never used it again. I’d also like to see a larger cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap. It’s fine for old bar or flip phones, but who uses them anymore. My Samsung galaxy S 6 was not even close to fitting and it’s about an average sized smart phone these days. other than that, very happy with my purchase!

  6. Tom

    These bags are absolutely BULLETPROOF. Incredibly well made, strong, beautifully styled and made with practicality in mind. My only complaint is of the cell phone pocket which appears to have been manufactured back when the Blackberry Pearl was released. Absolutely TINY. It wouldn’t fit my phone by any stretch of the imagination, but thankfully I always carry my phone on my person and so I have no use for it anyway. The compartments are well thought out and include a spot for your laptop AND tablet (a nice touch) as well as a variety of different sized pockets for all the things you could think of bringing with you on a short trip. The back panel is comfy and has an intuitive design which allows you to rest it on top of your other luggage, with the handle of said luggage running behind the back rest of the backpack to keep it in place (thus removing the need for you to wear it while still wheeling around a massive suitcase). The clip on the front can be useful but the key ring on the inside of one of the pockets serves a better purpose for organizing your keys. I took this with me to Mexico recently and it was the perfect size for a carry-on. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a nice, durable backpack that can hold a surprising amount of gear.

  7. Wil Noack

    Just got a full-time job in the city and I needed a larger bag to pack my laptop, lunch, and other necessities. Not only are there so many compartments to fill (I even discovered a new pocket the next morning after recieving it), the bag is incredibly effective when it comes to space management. I feel like I’ve got more stuff in there than it looks like it can handle, and I’ve still got room to pack things in.I’m also very impressed with the durability of the zippers. They’re thick and not flimsy at all. There’s also a lot of straps you can tuck them under so no one can open the bag behind you without you knowing.The only drawback is the water bottle pocket on the side of the bag. It’s small. It might fit a plastic water bottle perfectly, but if you’re like me and use a reusable, hardshell plastic bottle, they’re a bit bigger, and thus have a tough time fitting into this pocket. Not a dealbreaker in the slightest, but it would’ve been nice if this aspect was a bit larger.

  8. L. Woolford

    This is the best back pack I have ever owned , I use it everyday for work , it carries my laptop , lunch and various other crap I feel I can’t be without . It has lots of compartments and is very rugged . I’ve been using this pack for about two years , and it is still going strong . With other packs I have used the handle or zippers have failed within a year .

  9. rpitre98

    I ordered this product on Black Friday, and I chose free shipping. It was supposed to show up on Wednesday, but showed up on Tuesday morning (early).As for the bag itself, I’m quite pleased with it. It’s a good upgrade compared to what I was using before for school and pretty much everything else. It has two large pockets, one slightly smaller pocket, the outside pocket with the slots for organization (they’re actually quite useful), and three smaller pockets. When I ordered this backpack, I thought it was a different one made by swiss gear that was larger (mistake on my part), but this one is a good size. It’s not huge, but I can still fit my jacket, bike locks, two binders, and that sort of thing. The bottom has a thicker rubbery/plastic material covering the actual bottom of the bag to stop mud and rain from getting in if you’re cycling, or if you put it on the ground. I’ve used this bag cycling and have had mud and rain get kicked up from the tire onto the bag, and I’ve found that it’s easy to wipe the dirt off of the bag with a sponge because of the material it’s made out of.The only complaint I have so far is that the plastic/rubber bottom of the bag has developed a small crack, but I’m just going to fix it with a glue gun. The bag itself isn’t ripped open.

  10. David Mohajer

    pros:abused this backpack for a month traveling stowing throwing and loaded it with 10-15 KG of laptop/liquids/etc (22-33 lb)the seams were abused and they survivedi used every handle sometimes for hours at a time and had no issuesmy 15.6″ laptop fits into it properly. my wifes 12.1″ netbook fits in as well. and my 19″ extra screen also fits into itit is deceptively spacious and fits nicely into the peasant class international overhead compartments we were seated in even when FULLY and I mean almost violating TSA regulation FULLY overloaded with stuff.cons:it doesn’t have a built in jetpackbottomline: I bought two of them for my trip and they performed wonderfully

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