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Phone Camera Lens, 0.4X Wide Angle Lens, 180°Fisheye Lens and 10X Macro Lens (Screwed Together), Clip on Cell Phone Lens Compatible with iPhone Camera Lens, Smartphones

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CriacrDirect is a professional manufacturer and supplier on cell phone accessories, electronics, and computer accessories items. We specialize in overseas import and export products. We have been working hard to explore and provide our consumers with higher quality and service.

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Made of high-class glass. Professional HD Lens reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections. Covered by light weight and strong shell. PVC made clip avoids scratching your cell phone. Tiny clip-on detachable HD lens, professional but easy to use.

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Criacr is dedicated to providing the high quality products of Electronics for worldwide consumers. We will never stop trying and creating.

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10 reviews for Multifunction Phone Camera Lens

  1. lars b amble

    not sure what the deal is with the company that makes this product as the box it comes in and accompanying insert are rife with engrish and they’ve used what’s clearly a standard iphone camera stitched-panorama shot to demonstrate the wide angle lens which clearly produces a different result, also their website and “FAQ” mentioned in the manual is nonexistent and the URL when visited shows up with a malware warning on pretty much every browser. so yeah. why, then, am i still giving this product 5 stars? well, despite all the weirdness it’s packaged in and my doubts that “amir” is even a real company, this is probably the best set of photography lenses i’ve yet purchased for the iphone. all lenses do a clean job with no distortion or blurry edges, the build quality is incredibly solid, and the wide angle really is one of the widest i’ve seen from an iphone lens, even if it’s nowhere near the ridiculous 180 panoramic shot shown on the packaging – but hey, if you want that, you can just stick your iphone on a tripod and take a panoramic shot anyway. the macro lens is as solid as any i’ve used, and the fisheye is top notch as well with a really crisp and clear image all the way to the edges. so, the professional photographer in me is happy to have a solid set of lenses for my iphone when i’m not hauling around a DSLR, even if the professional brand consultant and graphic designer in me cringes at the marketing, packaging, and clearly sketchy “website”. but anyway, if you’re looking for a solid set of iphoneography lenses that all do their job really well, you can’t do much better than these.

  2. Craig

    I can’t believe how some this was. I had spent $100s just to return it all unsatisfied. And then this! The simplest little thing was all I really need for the picture…Now looking for an upgrade from my phones audio

  3. Erynn Phillips

    I truly enjoy these lenses, and have repeatedly purchased them.For a clip on phone camera lens, these are really good quality. If you cannot afford a fancy professional camera, but understand the basics of photography, I strongly suggest these for any amateur photographer or hobbyist.You can get some really detailed, close to professional quality shots. I’m obsessed with the macro lens in particular!I recommend and will buy again. And again. And again.

  4. Ksd

    Fun attachments for cell phones. We’ve used them on both the small and large size iPhone.

  5. Greg Rotello

    Mainly bought to use the FishEye for our baby cam but the other two, the wide angle and the micro-lens’ are terrific on my iPhone. Really really cool set.

  6. Carly Hoffner

    This product works so well and is so cheap that I have now bought three of them. Pictures come out amazing and it’s so easy to clip onto your phone.

  7. S Otto

    These little add-ons are an excellent tool to make your phone’s camera do a lot more for you. It obviated the need for me to buy another camera. Instead I can shoot photos and videos the way I want to, easily. Great value for the money too.

  8. MES

    Ridiculously cool for the price. This comes with a clip, a big lens (fish eye, I think), a small lens (macro) and a medium lens (wide angle, I think). The medium lens screws on top of the macro lens and you have to use both for the medium lens to work. I use the macro most of all. You can get really, really get a close up picture of objects but you have to put the lens almost right on top of the object. The focal length is very shallow and its hard to get the entire frame to stay in focus.The annoying thing is that the clip doesn’t work well with cell phone cases. I have a UAG case on my iPhone and it’s hard to get the lenses to properly center on the camera lens because the case gets in the way. I have not tried without the case.Still, it’s a lot of fun.Sample pictures – man with each lens, end of pine tree branch (macro), extreme close up of concrete with tiny algae (macro)

  9. E.Sorenson

    Great lenses! I use the wide angle to film my high schoolers soccer games with my phone. Picture is sharp and very wide, easy to capture the action without missing any quick turns or shots. The macro lens works great as well, very sharp pictures extremely close up with lots of detail. Haven’t used the fish-eye lens yet, to be honest i don’t have a need for this lens. Easy to use. I’ve used the clip with and without my iphone 7 case without any problems, although it is slightly easier to use without the case. Lenses are made of great metal and high quality glass. The clip is very strong and made of plastic. Only thing i wish that would’ve been better for future use is to possibly make the clip out of metal where the lens attaches. Small issue, still an amazing product. Easily recommended….

  10. Barbara O.

    I was not very optimistic that these would work well, but I needed a wide angle lens for my phone and the price was right. Wow! Was I blown away by how amazingly well the wide angle and macro lenses worked! (The fisheye, apart from taking funny pictures of my cats, doesn’t serve much purpose, but it works perfectly well.) My husband was so impressed with the quality of the images I captured that he demanded his own set of lenses. When I shared the photos I took with other folks, no one believed that I used an iPhone and one of these lenses––they accused me of using an actual camera with a variable focal length lens. Bottom line: GREAT product worth every penny!!!!

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