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40L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack, A1 Green, One Size : Clothing

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Cost 18.99 -19.99USD 18.99 -19.99USD 13.99 -16.99USD 13.99 -16.99USD
Capacity 1 Gallon 1 Gallon 32OZ 32OZ
Material BPA Free Tritran BPA Free Tritran BPA Free Tritran BPA Free Tritran
Features Motivational Phrase/Time Marker/Large Size & Straw Motivational Phrase/Time Marker/Large Size & Straw Motivational Phrase/Time Marker & Straw Motivational Phrase/Time Marker & Straw
Target Audience: Adults/Men/Women/Fitness Enthusiasts Adults/Men/Women/Fitness Enthusiasts Adults/Men/Women/Fitness Enthusiasts Adults/Men/Women/Fitness Enthusiasts Adults/Men/Women/Fitness Enthusiasts

VENTURE PAL<img alt=”VENTURE PAL” src=”,0,970,600_PT0_SX970__.jpg”/>

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Capacity: 40 Liters

Fold Size: 6.6 x 1.9 x 8.2 Inch

Unfold Size: 12.5 x 6.3 x 19.3 Inch

Package Included:

1x Venture Pal Packable Backpack

various colors<img alt=”various colors” src=”,0,300,300_PT0_SX300__.jpg”/>

Venture Pal offers kaleidoscopic colors and patterns for this packable hiking backpack that range from classic Black to stylish camouflage to colorful leaf pattern. Whether you are passionate about basic fit or pursue the trend. There is always a style that suits your taste.

camping<img alt=”camping” src=”,0,220,220_PT0_SX220__.jpg”/> hiking<img alt=”hiking” src=”,0,220,220_PT0_SX220__.jpg”/> cycling<img alt=”cycling” src=”,0,220,220_PT0_SX220__.jpg”/> fishing<img alt=”fishing” src=”,0,220,220_PT0_SX220__.jpg”/>


Leave the tablet and the laptop computer at home, camp out with Venture Pal Backpack to breath fresh air and refresh your mood.


Carry Venture Pal Backpack, and start a new journey on the bike. Taste your eyes with a brand new scenic view!


Hike on uneven terrain with Venture Pal, enjoy the pleasure of conquering. There is a different world for you!


Inspire a closer connection with nature and all the creatures in it, freely enjoy the pleasure of fishing. Venture Pal takes care of carrying item for you.

Additional information

A1-green, A2-purple Leaf, A3-black, A4-black Leaf, A5-navy, A7-orange, A7.5-peony Blue, A8-gray, A9-red, B1-purple, B2-blue

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Lightweight Packable Travel Daypack

  1. Chad M.

    Bought multiple packs to try at Disneyland this spring. First day I loaded this one up with 2-liters of water, snacks, camcorder equipment, light jacket, GoPro equipment. Room to spare but not too bulky. Wanted to capture every moment with my grand-daughters and have space for those special souvenirs that just “had to be bought now”.With the additional straps this snugged down great so taking the pack on and off for each ride/attraction was simple.It was dragged, dropped, pulled on, snagged, smashed, and jerked and held up like new. I loved the waterproof pocket on the inside which though designed to store we stuff, was a lifesaver for protecting sensitive items during rides that tend to splash a lot of water all over the rider :-)I did not even try the other packs and used this one the entire week. When done it folded up into its special self-contained pouch and went back into my suitcase taking up very little space.A great pack that will become a standard day pack going forward. Absolutely love it.

  2. Katrina

    *Update* Just had to come back & say more about this bag after owning (abusing) it for a year. Bought some elastic cord to thread through the loops on the front…even more storage! Just packed my family of 4 overnight in this gem. Pool gear, PJs, toiletries, fresh clothes & all. Filled to the brim & holding tight as ever. Never a popped zipper or even a stray thread that I can tell. Been through the washer multiple times. The wet pocket has been a lifesaver for wet stuff, but bc of its location against the wearer’s back, also for cash or other valuables.Original review: Owned for 3 mos now & used it for everything from a waterpark with the family to an airplane carryon, & now a hiking trip through the western US. This is the best day pack I have ever owned, even over a couple other well-known & far more expensive brands. I have folded & unfolded it repeatedly, filled it to capacity, tugged on all the straps, hung it while heavy from the top loop…everything is sturdy & well-made. Because it’s foldable, it does not have any support or shape of its own, which means no padding in the cargo area. I have learned to be aware how I pack so lumpy items dont poke me in the back while I’m wearing it, but in all I could not be happier with this bag. Will be buying a few for gifts!

  3. Grandma

    Looks nice folds inside the inside pocket. It has a lot of different pockets and drink holders. When I opened it there is a tag that says to scan it go to website and register it. My qr reader takes me to a sign on page I put my name and email click next then it said no page found. So I don’t know if they stopped honoring warranty or their web site doesn’t work. I even put the web address and it took me to same place with the same outcome.

  4. Addison Casey

    Love Love Love this bag! I originally bought a water bag and foldable bag separately (which separately the wet bag was around $11 and the folding bag around $18) and then found this bag after the fact. I decided to pick it up anyway to either have a backup for an upcoming cruise excursion bag or to give to another member of my group because of the vacation style print but I’m being greedy and keeping it because I instantly fell in love. In contradiction to other reviews, the seams and zipper look and feel extremely durable considering the price. I could easily see this bag retailing upward to $45 in store. The straps feel much more comfortable and thicker compared to the other collapsable bag (purchased from target) and feels incomparability more reliable. The wet bag compartment is assessable from a zipper on the back of the bag which is super convenient from avoiding accidentally dripping in the main compartment as you wrestle with the wet stuff. Additionally, this wet bag is MASSIVE it follows the full length of the internal parts of the bag. I easily squashed 3 full bikinis in there and would likely be able to fit one more. This bag has lots of pockets and compartments which seems to be uncommon for a folding bag like this. I will 100% recommend this bag to other members of my vacation group as I’m going to using this one instead.

  5. E

    It was just delivered but I already love it. It is a light weight, foldable back pack with many compartments. It even has a waterproof pocket for electronics in case you go white water rafting or wal in the rain and stuff…I ordered to use it as an extra bag during my upcoming trip. However, my boyfriend needed a backpack as a personal item so this will be part of his Christmas gifts :)It packs into a pouch and it easy to carry (not pocket size though) I don’t expect it to last forever but it fits exactly what I was looking for and more!! I say GET IT!!

  6. Lawrence

    I got this for my kid to use as a go to sea backpack. It is big enough for him to bring his towel, scuba mask and flippers, a change of clothes, some food and water and a few toys for the beach.I like the fact that once home I can just put it under the shower co clean it up, lay it in the lanai to dry, and after a very short while fold it back in its internal pocket and store it till the next time

  7. moonlight

    I love the fact that this is a compact and easy to fold backpack. The color is great and it is truly a light bag. Perfect bag for hiking and small trips. It also have many pockets in it plus the fact that it has a warranty when you register it.

  8. Amelanchier

    I’ve purchased several other lightweight backpacks. However, Venture Pal’s is my favorite, because the fabric seems best designed for long-term durability. I carried a Bass backpack for 20 years: I anticipate this Venture Pal will last as long.Considering the less joy-sparking colors of my previous backpacks, I’m delighted by Venture Pal’s fuchsia nylon. Durable, lightweight, highly visible, and gorgeous—I am smitten.This pack held our stainless steel water bottles much better than two other packs we carried on our adventure. And, the zippers never caught on the fabric which was common on another pack. The main zipper did catch on itself the first zip, but worked well every time otherwise.Over all, this is a purchase I do not regret. Fantastic fabric and appears as well-built as my 20-year-old backpack.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Super happy with this product! I bought this backpack for an international trip. Still can’t get over how it came folded up in a small pocket – this will be so convenient for day to day storage. I used it on the airplane and then as my day travel pack. I utilized cup holders on both sides for a reusable water bottle and a reusable coffee tumbler which allowed me to stay consciously sustainable during my travels. The backpack has convenient straps that allow you to condense the size of your backpack or find multi-use from. I utilized the straps to carry a beach towel with me on the outer part of my backpack for day trips. I also utilized the straps to clip on my neck pillow during air travel. The backpack has a super convenient and innovative wet pocket. The wet pocket allowed me to store wet clothes/bathing suites until the end of the day without impacting any other items in the backpack or causing my backpack to smell. The only aspect of the backpack that I disliked is how deep and narrow the pockets are. Hard to describe, but I felt like the pockets stored things deep which were sometimes difficult to access. Although this is something I disliked I still overall loved using this backpack and will continue to use on future travels and adventures! Definitely recommend.

  10. C. J. K.

    never delivered, Amazon delivery states “handed directly to a resident”. Delivery issues, 5 times the last 2 months! Absolutely nothing we can do but wait till tomorrow, we can’t even contact anyone at Amazon other than their pre-recorded machines! Yuk!Amazon delivery is atrocious! Amazon is getting too big, even Walmart is closing stores now. We’re all in trouble now!Where is the “Antitrust laws” to break-up Amazon”Check out my review for Totalpack lightweight ASIN: B07D51M6QV. I love them both! Essentially the same bag, less some minor details. VenturePal is 40 L versus Totalpacs 35 L. I prefer totalpac but sometimes it’s too small or I’ll use them both at the same time. VenturPal Is better looking and is divided into 2 LARGE COMPARTMENTS vs 1 for Totalpac. Totalpac I believe has slightly better Ergonomics, functionality, more pockets, and better pocket placements. What an amazing era we live in. Bang for the buck has never been this good.

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