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Explore Land Travel Luggage Cover Suitcase Protector Fits 18-32 Inch Luggage (Geometry, M(23-26 inch Luggage)) | Suitcases

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How to measure your luggage size?
Explore Land Luggage cover, four sizes available, fits most travel luggage from brands like Samsonite, Gabbiano, Rocklite, American Tourister, RIMOVA, Travelers Choice, Merax, Travelpro, more.

S (Suitable for 18″-22″ luggage)
M (Suitable for 23″-26″ luggage)
L (Suitable for 27″-30″ luggage)
XL (Suitable for 31″-32″ luggage)
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No Dirty Luggage
Protect your beloved travel companion from wear and tear with a stylish and durable luggage cover.
Never Lose Your Bag
Designed to make your luggage stand out, this cover won’t ever let your suitcase get lost in the crowd of other bags.
Fit Easily
Slip it, then zip it. And you’re done in seconds! Explore Land luggage cover is made of super stretchy material, which makes it to put on
Set in on the top.
Stretch it to the bottom.
Zip it and ready to go.
Machine Washable
If the cover gets dirty, you can safely wash it in a washing machine at 30 – 40° C (80 – 100° F) or less.
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Black Polygonal Geometry Polkadot Modern City Mosic Star

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S(18-22 inch luggage), M(23-26 inch luggage), L(27-30 inch luggage), XL(31-32 inch luggage)


Black, Black Polygonal, Carnival, Fireworks, Geometry, Modern City, Mosaic, Polkadot

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10 reviews for Geometrical Luggage Cover

  1. MissM

    Love love love!!Consider the practical use of this cover. It’s meant to help you easily identify your luggage amongst the mass of black suitcases in baggage claim. I picked out this super bright pattern and it’s made of a sorta-thick, but definitely not thin material. It has zippers on the bottom so you fit over and zip on the bottom. There are two hidden zippers for the tip handle and the side handle, but not on both sides. OF COURSE every suitcase is going to differ on handle placement so don’t expect it to fit perfectly. But as long as you can grab the handle, then who cares if it’s off by a few centimeters? I used this on a checked bag and I loved it because:1) I wouldn’t have to worry about the zippers coming undone when being handled2) Super easy to spot on the conveyer belt!I spotted my luggage while walking up to it and I don’t have to worry about anyone else mistaking it for theirs. Awesome use out of it! Would definitely recommend!

  2. Natalia

    I liked the pouch, the color is excellent. Specially chose the color darker, so as not to be visible dirt, if that. It is convenient to use, and can be washed. I have not traveled with him yet, but I hope the test will pass.Чехол понравился, цвет отличный. Специально выбирала цвет потемнее, чтобы не видно было грязи, если что. Удобно использовать, и можно стирать. Пока еще не путешествовала с ним, но надеюсь проверку пройдет.

  3. KG

    I recently just purchase the samsonite Winfield 2 fashion (set) , and I order this cover in (s) (m) (L) and they fit so perfect with my brand new suitcase,This cover will prevent it from scratching ,The material is very stretchy ,I love it so much , im buying more in different color ,I also tested the material with the painters tape and scotch tape & see how well they stick on, they stick pretty well – and I like that , just incase you want the airline to stick (fragile) tag on your bag.I hope this company will make more fun looking cover ,I’m a happy costumer /., definitely will recommend this.

  4. crystal lemieux

    My husband and I decided to splurge and upgrade our luggage during Tumi’s yearly sale. Even on sale, it’s pricey and the style I picked “Banana Leaf” print got great reviews but one mentioned that it scratched easily. So before our cruise I looked at probably all of the covers offered on Amazon and chose this one. It is as pretty or more so than the picture and was no problem with TSA. My husband was pretty impressed especially at how easily he could find mine on the carousel as opposed to his black luggage that looked like most of the other people’s. I definitely recommend it, good fabric, no zipper drag.

  5. Kathie

    My travel suitcases are black — what was I thinking? — and always hard to spot on the airport baggage carousel, so I decided to try these. Bought a medium and a large which are the suitcase sizes I’m most likely to check when traveling. They both fit perfectly and are very well made. There are zippers on the bottom and on the sides (for the side handles) and an opening for the main handle. All are perfectly positioned and function well. Haven’t used them yet, so can’t speak to their durability, but at the prices I paid, even if they only last for a few trips, they’ll be well worth the money.

  6. DominiqueNgalpo

    I LOVE IT! Had a really long flight from San Diego going to San Francisco then Beijing, then to the Philippines. I have three XL luggages and I already have an old green cover for one of them, so I bought two of these for the other two luggages. Guess what? the luggage with the plain green cover got lost in Beijing and the two luggages with this cover made it from San Diego to the Philippines. It wasn’t torn, no scratch or anything. It was in perfect condition when we took it from the luggage carousel! Guess because its made of good material plus its very easy to see!

  7. Jessica

    I gave 5 stars even though I have the wrong size. I ordered a large by mistake when I definitely need a small but it’s not a big deal too sew it so that’s what I’ll do. I bought this for an upcoming trip because my luggage isn’t beat up but it has wear and tear that could easily be covered with this rather than spending money on a a new suitcase like originally planned. I love the feel it is stretchy. I’m hoping I won’t have to do to much adjusting once I put everything in my luggage.

  8. Coolwater2

    Love the fit of this cover. I ordered the medium size for another suitcase a few months ago. So I ordered this one to cover my large suitcase which got extremely dirty & scarred during my trip to India last year. Months ago I also ordered a cover from another company but I hated the look as it left the entire plastic housing between the wheels & where they attach to the suitcase exposed. So IMHO it doesn’t look as neat as this one. I love how this one covers the entire suitcase & makes it appear as though my suitcase it really this color/pattern. It has perfect openings on the side so that you can access the side-handle as well as the top-handle and pull-rod. I got lots of compliments from other travelers as I pulled it off the conveyer belt at the airport. The zipper closing at the bottom of the cover keeps it in place. I was really worried that TSA or the airport conveyer belt systems would tear it. It held up on both legs of my trip without a scratch

  9. TerryS

    I bought the cover to protect new luggage, a pretty red color that would look pretty bad on just one flight if not protected. I really like the cover. It does protect most exposed parts of the luggage from the grease and black soil and grit that it runs through in the luggage handling process. It also is a deterrent from anyone trying to quickly open the bag and possibly remove any of my belongings. It’s washable but not all stains will wash out so consider that when picking a color or pattern for your cover. I’ve had several compliments from the airline counter, to passengers and fellow travelers, to people just walking in the airport. That said, over the course of several flights, one of my covers were scraped and torn in a small area so the cover isn’t damage free. I ordered a new one and may try to actually use beneath the torn one on my next travel for double protection. Much easier to get a new cover than a costly new suitcase. Best of all my luggage is still looking great so well worth the purchase of the cover.

  10. Cherished

    This cover is amazing. I love the color and the material is stretchy. The cover purchased is size Medium 18-23, my suitcase is size 22 but I think it will stretch a little larger than 23.The cover has 2 zipper openings on each side thats discreet and for easy access to your side handle.The zipper hook located at the bottom underneath your suitcases can easily be hooked to a small wire and lock for extra added security. Once I try the lock attached to the zipper I will post an image.Also, I like the fact I can use this on another suitcase in similar size if I need to.

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