Classic Business Umbrella, Black

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Auto Open Wooden Handle J Stick Umbrella, Black

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Totes. Love the rain.
Armed with intuitive features like easy-to-hold handles and fuss-free tie straps, totes umbrellas outsmart the rain. Strong but lightweight, they’re engineered to last through a lifetime of stormy weather or we’ll replace it for free.

Ingenious solutions to outsmart the rain
Wet weather? No problem. With stylish, durable umbrellas and innovative features like automatic open/close buttons, ergonomic handles, and wide tie straps for fuss-free storage, we’ll keep you protected from door to door.

From clear umbrellas for special events, to compact models for unexpected showers, to golf umbrellas with extra-large coverage, our trendy prints and vibrant color choices will fit your unique personality.

Smart design features
Trendy shades and prints
Durable and reliable
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Colorful and Fashion-Forward
Umbrellas are functional and stylish rainy day accessories that you can mix and match with your outfits. The totes in-house design team creates colorful prints and patterns that complement your personality and the latest trends.
Intuitive to Use
Smart features include push button operation, a wide tie strap and an ergonomic handle for easy use.
Trusted Since 1970
Strong but lightweight, totes products are engineered to last long during stormy weather.
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Wood Handle Crook XL Golf-Sized Compact Fiberglass Golf Stick Crook Handle with Ruffle Canopy Compact Auto Open
Description The beautiful, smooth wooden crook handle on this umbrella provides a classic look with easy handling and a secure grip. Automatically opens with the touch of a button. This golf size umbrella combines extra large coverage with easy carry convenience! Easy auto open and close and durable handle with wooden tip. This golf umbrella’s extra large 64-inch canopy is vented for reduced wind resistance and large enough to cover two people. Pretty and practical, our Ruffle Stick Umbrella is the perfect accessory for rainy special occasions. Automatically opens with the touch of a button and the generous 45-inch canopy keeps your dry. This compact umbrella is designed for portability with a convenient easy-carry wrist strap and wide tie strap for storage. Auto opens with the touch of a button.
Canopy Size 48″, 1-person coverage 55″, 2-person coverage 64″, 2-person coverage 45″, 1-person coverage 42″, 1-person coverage
Opening Auto Open Auto Open Close Auto Open Auto Open Auto Open
Folded Length 36″ 15″ 40″ 34″ 12″

Find your perfect umbrella for any weather
totes umbrellas come in several styles to keep you protected from inclement weather. Whether you need protection from the rain, high-speed wind, or the hot sun – totes has you covered.

Find your perfect umbrella for any weather
After a rain shower, the average umbrella leaves messy puddles in your car, hallway and everywhere you go. But totes NeverWet umbrellas are armed with an ingenious invisible coating that repels water so that it stays 4x drier.

Find your perfect umbrella for any weather
Battle strong winds and gusts without missing a step. Titan umbrellas feature ultra-strong aluminum frames to prevent embarrassing flip-outs. We’ve built our Titans to resist 70mph gusts so that that you stay dry and protected in rainstorms.

Find your perfect umbrella for any weather
On sunny days, create your own shade with a totes SunGuard umbrella that blocks 98% of harmful UV rays. It’s equipped with an invisible coating that helps keep you up to 30 degrees cooler compared to standing in direct sunlight. When an unexpected downpour arrives, you’ll also have a way to stay dry.

The totes difference

NeverWet Technology

Titan Max-Strength

SunGuard Protection

Additional information

Black, British Tan, Steele Blue

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Classic Business Umbrella, Black

  1. Ben

    I love this umbrella. My wife got this for me because after a heavy rain storm, I was complaining about several design flaws in the compact counterpart. What I love (I’ve had it for about 3 months): – It is long enough to be used as a cane for me (6’3″) – It has supported me casually (and frequently) leaning on it (180 lbs) – It is long enough to comfortably use as an umbrella (imagine that!) – The hook is great for everything (ie hang on arm to free hand, hang on coat rack to store) – Easier to leave out to dry (when at work or in public), just lean it against a wall – It isn’t embarrassing to carry around when there is a chance of rain – Note that it is not big enough for two, but it is long enough that I can comfortable hold it over my wife when we are caught in the rain.We don’t have high winds here, so I can not attest to the rib strength. It has worked fine in winds < 25 mph. All of this is auxiliary, the crux of this umbrella's value is:When it is raining, I don't have to hunch over and hurry from my car to a building while trying to squeeze under a flimsy compact umbrella; I open my door, press a button, the umbrella pops open and I enjoy my casual walk in the rain.-------------------Update: 2 years 6 monthsI've had this umbrella for 2.5 years. Still works great. My two year old loves pushing the button to open it and carrying it around. I'm actually surprised I haven't had to replace it yet.

  2. Yan

    I love using this back when I was in college. I kept it for three years and kept up even through the blizzard storm against the strong hail like winds. I keep losing them though at various locations since it is quite big, but that’s the point of why I get them each time since it covers 2-3 people easily depending on who you are with. The handle is really smooth and easy to carry. Sometimes when its raining I even loop over shopping bags on the handle to free up a hand and it works since its sturdy. I really love easy push button umbrellas and had no problem with this. I’ve bought maybe 4 at least and had no issue with each one. Every time there’s even a chance of rain in NYC, I bring this bad boy out there.

  3. ye ol organ grinder

    I’ve used “free” umbrellas for years, the kind that I got from car dealers or with subscriptions. I finally decided to get something better. This Totes umbrella is first-class. It opens and closes easily and is very sturdy. I like it a lot, especially the curved handle which makes it easy to use. Highly recommended.

  4. callaslilies

    Very happy with this umbrella, especially for the price. Decided to get a full umbrella like this instead of the tiny folding ones because I always get frustrated by the short handles. This one is light, feels well made, has a long handle, and offers good coverage. It’s also very easy to close (no fussing with little buttons or pinching your fingers) which I really appreciate when getting on public transit, I can easily close it with one hand if necessary. Can’t say how well it would hold up in the wind, but using an umbrella in strong wind is pretty pointless anyway. It’s overall a great design and I really couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

  5. Applewhite Minyard

    This is a classic. It is 36″ long with a solid wood handle and reinforced shaft that doesn’t fold up, making it work much better for what it is intended, umbrella work. It can be used, when the umbrella part is not open, as a walking stick/cane and I felt quite stylish when walking with it that way, even though I don’t need a cane for walking support. The umbrella rest naturally on your shoulder, unlike the smaller fold-up varieties that are too short or don’t have a real handle. The crook on the end is reassuringly solid. I don’t use mine for rain, but for sun protection here in the southern Califormia desert, and I often use it when I take my dog for walks. The crook provides a convenient place to put the loop end of her leash if I want both hands free.

  6. Perry, the pretty good reviewer

    Nice 48″ umbrella.J hook is beautiful wood! I purchased for the spread, but stayed for the beauty!NO SPF rating…I only realized I wanted that after buying ! I’ll still keep it.With corona, activities that are suddenly outdoors, like church, prompt bringing an umbrella on a sunny day.I can still wear suntanlotion, np.I read a few complaints about things breaking. I NEVER use the ‘auto open’ unless I”m exiting a car…even then…try not to. Why slam something open and break it over time? Wonderful feature that’s not worth using on ANY umbrella, afaic.5 star umbrella is still earned imo6 stars is larger (for more money) + SPF.If this every breaks, I’ll look for thatAm certainly happy for now.

  7. N. Vito

    I’ve had this umbrella for just over 3 years at the time of this review, which is far longer than any other umbrella I’ve owned. It’s still in great shape — just some nicks in the handle which I think make it look well worn.The size of the canopy is just right. Big enough to comfortably keep you dry but not awkwardly large.And getting one of these long umbrellas instead of a collapsible one is the best decision I ever made. I keep a tiny one on my backpack for emergencies, but when I know rain is coming, I always bring this tall one with me. It’s easier to keep track of, has a bigger canopy, and is so much stronger against the wind because there are fewer joints wobbling around.My only complaint would be that the release mechanism could be a _little_ tighter. If you bang it too hard on the ground to shake water off, it occasionally pops open. Not a big deal to me.

  8. Yankees98

    The Totes version of this umbrella is the perfect cross section of fashion and durability. The black umbrella with wooden handle is the first umbrella every young man should be as they enter adulthood. Classic items never go out of fashion, and its a large, sturdy, umbrella. The handle is lightweight and feels cheap, but that’s okay. You don’t want anything too heavy. If you do, option something like a Davek NY for $350 for the real deal. I am going to buy 2-3 more of these. This umbrella says you’re a smart, financially responsible person with good taste. It’s called trying without trying. This is a winner.

  9. Jared Ladia

    These umbrellas are awesome for weddings! I bought 6 of these for my upcoming weddings when the forecast was looooking bad. These look very stylish with the wooden handles. I would buy again!

  10. Chris

    When I was searching for an umbrella, I wanted something strong enough to stand against Pennsylvania winds while looking professional during my walking commute. Inspired by the black umbrella stereotype of New York City businesspeople and this product’s quality guarantee, I decided to go with this umbrella. Since purchase, I’ve used this to travel to and from work for several years. It has held true against all kinds of wind and rain.My only complaint is that the latch that keeps the umbrella folded has gotten a little loose over time, making it sometimes re-open the umbrella unexpectedly while it is drying.

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